UHP Fabrication

UHP Fabrication Services

We start your bespoke manufacturing process, whether a single UHP manifold, piece of pipework or an assembly like a gas box or panel, with a consultation and design process. During this procedure, we ensure that our UHP Fabrications are safe, reliable and stand up to our high standards

We can work with your designs and drawings (build to print) or we can develop in-house designs to a Pipework & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) and specification. Whichever is the case, our engineers share their expertise and advise you based on our vast experience aiming to improve cost or efficiency in line with our Value Analysis, Value Engineering (VAVE) approach. Throughout the project, there is constant feedback and discussion with you to resolve issues, make improvements and to accommodate changes in design or specification.

A detailed Bill Of Materials (BOM) is carefully created and the information is transferred to our Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) system. This is an automated ordering process that is used to ensure that materials and parts are ready from stock or ordered and available to us for manufacture according to your order schedule. Projects are scheduled as either welding/assembly or electrical and divided into different parts of the manufacturing process before bringing them together for integration as the finished product.

Our UHP Fabrications are undertaken in ISO class 5 (Class 100) and ISO class 6 (Class 1000)cleanrooms for minimal risk of contamination from pollutants and particles. We take the quality and reliability of our work extremely seriously to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the products we build for them.

Preparation of Pipework

All tubing for every project goes through scrupulous preparation before welding. All materials are inspected for defects before use. Tubing is cut to length and checked using specialist calibrated measuring equipment. It then undergoes automated facing of the ends in preparation for the orbital weld and assembly process. Any bends required according to drawings are created either manually or by Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) bending machine depending upon volume, tube size and bend complexity. Once prepared the tubing undergoes a quality inspection before going to weld. At this stage, the tubing is also subjected to De-Ionised (DI) water cleaning to ensure that our systems are as pure as possible.


The parts kits for welding are bagged and passed into our clean room where they are individually checked by the welding-operative for accuracy and quality before being worked on.

Our Orbital TIG welding specialists use Argon purging and shielding to ensure smooth welds with no impurities. Welds and manifolds are inspected and checked with specialist calibrated measuring equipment for alignment and quality before the capped items are transferred for exterior cleaning. 

External Weld Cleaning

The external weld oxidisation residue is removed from the tube assemblies using a non-marking abrasive material, leaving visibly clean, undamaged weld beading. This provides a clean, smooth surface to the pipework that discourages the adhesion of environmental contaminants. At Cambridge Fluid Systems, we aim for only the highest quality in our fluid transfer systems that is why our UHP Fabrications are used by market leaders in their industries.

DI Water Cleaning

To ensure that our UHP Fabrications are as clean as possible all welded tube and connections are cleaned in our dedicated purification plant using de-ionised water. The process includes using a heated wash bath and rinses, a DI water gun for flushing and a nitrogen gas drying gun prior to a final drying cycle in an oven. Our extensive DI water cleaning process is just a small part of our broad cleaning procedures to ensure all our products meet Cambridge Fluid Systems' standards.


The electrics and wiring of UHP Fluid Control Equipment play an important role in the efficiency and the control of the UHP system. Electrical work is separated from UHP welding and is carried out in a dedicated area with its own quality checks performed by our expert engineers. The unit is transferred to our clean room for integration with the gas assembly and any pneumatics.

Quality Assurance and Testing

For UHP Fabrications, the quality of the systems, components and manufacturing has to be of the highest standard. At Cambridge Fluid Systems, we only use the highest quality materials that are from tested suppliers and pass through a rigorous quality process.

The testing phase of our UHP Fabrications is an important part to test the quality and reliability of our work and systems.

Sections of pipework are vacuum tested, pressure tested and helium leak tested to ensure the integrity of welds and fittings.

Electrical connections, earthing and programme routines are checked in integrated units like gas boxes.


Our team has developed effective, safe packaging practices for the transit of workpieces of unusual shape and size. Our intricate fabrications are packaged with care so that they are delivered to you in the best condition possible. We also make sure that all of our packaging materials are recyclable. Pipework, manifolds and other fabricated parts are double bagged and heat-sealed in heavy gauge polythene with an identification label on the inner bag, which is then boxed for added protection. Larger assembled units are bagged and boxed with packing materials, with labelling inside and out.


We have built long-standing relationships with reliable suppliers with years of experience. Our shipping partners are experienced in delivering our UHP Fabrications so we have peace of mind that our systems are safe in transit to you.

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