Sisecam Float Glass

CVD Coating Technology – Float Glass

Cambridge Fluid Systems Ltd (CFS) are pleased to announce the completion of a project working closely with the Turkish Sisecam Group. CFS were approached and asked to design and develop a gas mixing and distribution system for a CVD coating process used on a float glass manufacturing line. Utilising our extensive industrial fluid engineering experience, the solution was developed in conjunction with both companies to deliver a mobile gas control system that can be installed quickly and if required, re-positioned onto another float glass line. This approach allows capital equipment to be redeployed without the need for additional significant investment.

The modular design is built around the concept of minimising on-site disturbance. The gas pressure reduction and gas mixing system was designed to be installed into an industrial container within the UK that could then be transported to the client site as a finished unit. This allowed for all manufacture and testing to be completed in the UK prior to shipping to the clients’ facility to minimise onsite disturbance. Consequently, connection to the process lines installed to the three beams on the float glass line became a far quicker and robust activity.

Within the container, full safety and control systems have been developed due to the nature of the corrosive and pyrophoric process gases being utilised. Coaxial gas lines, Gas detection, Extract Ducting and PLC controlled fully automated gas cabinets were all part of the supply scope for the integrated process design. A remote master PLC system was also built to control and interrogate all gas detection, gas cabinets and safety systems to ensure all process variables were fully controlled.

Throughout the design and manufacturing stages, Cambridge Fluid Systems have provided services for the following disciplines:-

  • Design and development of the process
  • Piping system design
  • Hazard Analysis/Risk Assessment
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Documentation