CFS completes design, build and installation project

Next generation of high capacity Lithium Ion batteries


Cambridge Fluid Systems, (CFS), are proud to announce the completion of a more than one million pound design, procurement and installation contract  for Nexeon Ltd. Nexeon has patented a unique way of structuring silicon for the next generation of high capacity Lithium Ion batteries.

During 2012, Nexeon approached a number of companies to assess their capability to complete the detailed design, procurement and construction of the main processing skids. In 2013 CFS were awarded the contract based on their competitiveness and commitment to achieving Nexeon’s schedule. CFS began the detailed engineering and procurement activities by upgrading the 3D Design Layouts and selecting the key suppliers for the process equipment, control systems and electrical equipment.

CFS located a Senior Project manager at Nexeon’s site to facilitate smooth communication with the client’s project engineering and management team.

Once designed, the six skid based processing units were initially built up at our Cambridge factory and then shipped to the site and installed into the Nexeon building.

As part of the skid development CFS performed the mechanical, electrical hardware and software design to allow simple integration of each skid package into the entire Nexeon manufacturing facility.

CFS utilised its existing engineering and supply chain management experience to identify, select and purchase all of the required vessels, instrumentation, software and hardware to seamlessly integrate each skid package.

The design was performed utilising SolidWorks 3D CAD software, inclusive of FEA, (Failure Element Analysis).

The skids were manufactured and FAT, (Factory Acceptance Test), tested at our facility in Bar Hill, Cambridge. They were then transported to Oxford, installed into the facility and SAT, (Site Acceptance Test), tested. All of the interconnecting pipework was installed and tested by CFS. 

For further information about Nexeon, please follow the link below