Missile Launch System

Automated Hydrogen Gas Control System

Cambridge Fluid Systems were approached with some basic specifications and principles for a sub system of a missile launch facility which included minimum performance requirements and space constraints. A fully working automated ATEX compliant Hydrogen gas control system was required in less than six weeks.

CFS worked closely with the client to generate a full specification and P&ID. It was quickly established during the Haz-Op that a conventional ATEX gas system with the electrical assemblies housed in a purged enclosure, was not suitable due to the operating environment. The convention was reversed and CFS engineered the mechanical assembly into the purged enclosure, with the electronics mounted externally.

The CFS design team produced 3D models in Solidworks, and after customer approval, procurement was underway, The CFS engineering team developed PLC functionality and the touch screen layouts with the client. A full Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) was conducted to ensure total safety and reliability.

The components were assembled into the chassis, with the interlinking pipe work orbitally welded as sub-assemblies. A full EMC compliance test was carried out by an independent third party.

A full software and hardware acceptance test was carried out to ensure the client’s specified performance requirements were achieved. The client has conducted a number of successful field trails with the gas system, and here at CFS we are looking forward to partnering the client on this and other projects in the future.