Airbus A400M

Wing Fuel Tank Leak Test

Cambridge Fluid Systems worked with Airbus in the UK and designed and built the first ever automated solution for the integrity testing of fuel tanks located within aircraft wings.

By introducing a high degree of automation, Cambridge Fluid Systems was able to greatly reduce the inherent risks involved in gaseous leak testing a multi-million pound aircraft wing.

Test gas is housed in a gas store adjacent to the facility, where two cylinder packs provide continuous gas supply via an auto-changeover system. The test gas is controlled and mixed with Compressed Air in the Gas Control System and is stored in a receiver. The mixed gas can be distributed to four service hatches under each wing. A safety manometer monitors wing pressures and “bow-out” of the support beam.

The CFS project team installed over 100m of aluminium and stainless steel pipe-work throughout the facility, erected the gas store and installed the gas equipment. After a full Site Acceptance and Functional Test, CFS successfully commissioned the leak test facility and provided operator training. The completion of the leak test facility was carefully coordinated with Airbus to coincide with the first pair of composite wings moving from first stage manufacture into the equipping stages.

CFS continues to maintain this system and has a service agreement in place to ensure the system remains safe and is in good working order. We also provide remote and on site assistance when required.