At Cambridge Fluid Systems, we are skilled fabricators, designers and engineers of fluid and process systems. We provide expertise from project concept stage continuing through design, fabrication, installation and commissioning.  This includes facility, process, mechanical, power and controls.

We have extensive industrial and systems engineering experience and provide a range of services to our global clients in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, CNG and industrial markets.

CFS utilises Industry Engineering skills to ensure the proper steps are taken during project development. Modular design and fabrication reduces traditional lead-time through parallel construction and design which results in cost-savings, increased safety and faster project delivery. It also offers you the advantage of space saving thanks to our extensive modular process system expertise and expert skid designers.  When you use a modular frame to build a system, through piping system design you can layer the piping, equipment and utilities making it easier to service equipment and hook up process connections, while actually fitting the unit in a smaller footprint.

Cambridge Fluid Systems can assist you with project requirements in various markets such as:

  • Ingredient delivery systems
  • API manufacturing
  • Reactor systems
  • Batch process systems
  • Continuous process systems
  • Piping systems
  • Portable plants
  • Utility systems
  • MOCVD semiconductor tools

While we can simply build from print, we can also take your process technology and work with you to develop a design. We are experienced at fully extracting your technical, operational and commercial specifications, combined with our knowledge of process capabilities, scalability and modular design & build. All our services are scalable and therefore suitable for use in laboratory, pilot and production environments

We will collaborate with you during all stages of the project, offering advice and solutions for optimal manufacturing system design. Maintaining an ‘open door’ client policy promotes innovation and clear communication. We invite clients to visit us throughout the project cycle, imparting a transfer of knowledge and not just basic training for the systems and equipment we provide.


Cambridge Fluid Systems Ltd (CFS) are pleased to announce the completion of a project working closely with the Turkish Sisecam Group. CFS were approached and asked to design and develop a gas mixing and distribution system for a CVD coating process used on a float glass manufacturing line....

front view of airbus a400m in flight, cambridge fluid helped design the first automated solution for testing the integrity of the wings fuel tanks.


Cambridge Fluid Systems worked with Airbus in the UK and designed and built the first ever...

close up view of skid equipment being used in a pharmaceutical company, pressure gauges can be seen on the top.


Cambridge Fluid Systems worked closely with a major EPCM contractor and the end user to design,...

view of a 3d design of a gas control system.


Cambridge Fluid Systems were approached with some basic specifications and principles for...

view of skid based processing units installed at Nexeon Ltd.


Nexeon Cambridge Fluid Systems, (CFS), are proud to announce the completion of a more than one...