Gas Scrubbers & Abatement Systems

Gas Abatement Systems

Cambridge Fluid Systems (CFS) are pleased to work in partnership with centrotherm clean solutions GmbH & Co. KG (CT-CS) based in Blaubeuren in Germany, to offer the very best in point of use gas abatement technology available today. CT-CS is an international company from the field of plant construction. Their experienced team of professionals design and manufacture individual technical solutions and have more than 30 years’ experience based on customer-specific challenges in the field of environmental engineering.

Systems can be specified to suit all types of requirement from small research facilities to FAB requirements. CT-CS abatement systems bring flexibility of choice by providing dry bed absorbers, dry bed emergency abatement, wet scrubber and burn/wet technology from their factory. These technologies are modular in design and so can also be combined to provide you with the optimum solution from one company.

After consultation, CFS can supply and integrate these units into your design without the need for additional resources to specify and connect to the system,  CFS will take care of everything. The units are then commissioned by CT-CS directly to ensure operational integrity and safety. Follow the link below for information on specific systems available.