Fully Automated Gas Cabinet

CFS-NTM 150 Fully Automated Gas Cabinet is representative of Cambridge FluidSystems’ continuous drive and commitment to providing the industry’s safest and most reliable Ultra-High-Purity (UHP) specialty gas equipment available. Mass customisation and modular design concepts of the gas panels, controls, architecture and cabinet enclosure have combined to widen the product configuration spectrum and greatly increase user flexibility. From the Fab to the Lab to the University, CFS sets itself apart as the clear choice for value in today’s budget conscious environment.

The CFS 150 makes it easy to meet your exact gas delivery needs. The Modular Design Concept allows for component-level replacement, ease of service and upgradeability. Begin by choosing one of several “core” gas cabinet configurations. Start customising right at the gas panel level with standard choices for regulator type, valve type, transducer ranges and purity level. Zero in further with a myriad of options like: integrated scales, onboard gas leak detection, purgeable splitters, RFO, filtration, purification, and many more. A step-by-step worksheet will walk you through this process in a simple manner. Engineers are always available to work through the customisation process with you, either by phone, or in person.