Product Types


At Cambridge Fluid Systems, we are able to specify and supply a range of high quality and cost-effective products to support your Ultra-High Purity gas requirements. These can be supplied as stand-alone products or they can be integrated into your existing systems by our team of experienced engineers.

 We understand that system requirements vary and one solution does not fit all applications. We are able to design and build bespoke systems and units to fit your exact specifications

We can design and build the following products:

  • Valve Manifold Boxes
  • Gas Handling/Mixing Units
  • Gas Detection Systems
  • Gas Mixing Pods
  • Gas Delivery Units for Seismic Research
  • Ultra-High Purity Gas Panels
  • Ultra-High Purity Gas Manifolds

Gas Cabinets

Cambridge Fluid Systems’ continuous commitment to providing safety and reliability is represented by the Gas Cabinets we offer. Whichever gases are used in your processes, we have the expertise to help you choose the best solution to meet current industrial and safety standards/For more information about this service, please contact us.

Gas Scrubbers and Abatement Systems

Cambridge Fluid Systems can provide Gas Scrubbers & Abatement Systems in collaboration with Blaubeuren-based Centrotherm Clean Solutions GmbH & Co from Germany. Systems can be specified to suit all types of requirements, from small research facilities to FAB requirements. We can provide the best solution based on your application and are not tied to one type of technology, such as dry bed adsorption. In addition to dry bed systems, combinations are available for thermal and wet treatment and will depend on the chemistry being used. For more information, please click here. 

front view of a fully automated gas cabinet that allows for mass customisation.


CFS-NTM 150 Fully Automated Gas Cabinet is representative of Cambridge FluidSystems’...

45 degree angled view of a gas scrubber and gas abatement system.


Gas Abatement Systems Cambridge Fluid Systems (CFS) are pleased to work in partnership with...