Protecting your UHP process

Why orbital welding quality is so important to your process

  • From a contamination control perspective, the UHP gas distribution system does not end at the supply connection to the equipment
  • The same stringent design and operational considerations should be applied for gas piping within vacuum processing equipment
  • Fully welded systems ensure maximum safety and purity levels. The weld quality will effect the gas purity delivered to the tool 
  • Internally, welds should be smooth in appearance and not discoloured.
  • Discolouration represents oxidisation from the weld process and this oxidisation introduces impurities into the process gas and consequently can affect the results.
  • All welding should be performed by automatic fusion welding (TIG) with argon as the purge and shield gas.
  • The shield gas prevents oxidisation during the welding process.


For further information on UHP gas delivery systems and what needs to be considered, visit our installations page