OEM equipment build and process gas delivery systems

Cambridge Fluid Systems is recognised as the partner of choice by semiconductor manufacturing companies because we are the best positioned outsourcing partner to offer turnkey system integration solutions. Our ultra-high purity sub-assemblies and installations can be found globally in OEM systems and factories within this market.

The production of semiconductor devices is one of the most complex and advanced manufacturing processes in the world. CFS is a uniquely positioned manufacturing partner, who understands semiconductor technology, cost and time to market pressures faced by this industry, and can provide faster times to market at lower costs to maintain competitive advantage.

With our class 100 -ISO5 clean-room manufacturing facilities and supported by a team of specialist semiconductor engineers, we continue to build complete turnkey tools for major semiconductor companies world-wide.

We are flexible in the way we work and can respond quickly to dynamic market changes, always putting our customers first. We provide our customers with manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management services, allowing for rapid design, assembly and distribution at a low cost but at the highest quality standards.

CFS can manage the complete facilitation process from basic specification to full qualification and installation start up. So call us today to discuss your semiconductor needs.