Compressed Natural Gas

Cambridge Fluid Systems are experts in the design of mobile storage skids used for delivery of compressed natural gas (CNG) to customer sites.

We offer design and fabrication services for Pressure Reduction Skids to enable safe transportation of CNG – an economical, flexible and efficient alternative to traditional off-pipeline natural gas distribution systems.

CNG is a clean and safe alternative fuel, which produces circa 25% less greenhouse gas, compared to gasoline and diesel, when used in internal combustion engines. This has seen CNG rise in popularity as a key component in clean air strategies for companies and cities alike.

Natural gas components from pipeline are compressed to 200-250 bars and then loaded into CNG trailers for transport by road. At the delivery point, the gas pressure control of CNG in the trailer is reduced to a level suitable for commercial and industrial applications.

For all your compressed natural gas needs contact Cambridge Fluid systems – experts in gas distribution.