PSSR 2000

The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) affect all businesses and users that operate pressure systems 0.5 bar above atmospheric pressure. They impose safety requirements with respect to pressure systems used, or intended to be used, at work.

Under PSSR 2000, users and owners of pressure systems are required to demonstrate that they know the safe operating limits (principally pressure and temperature) of their systems, and that they are safe under those conditions.

They need to ensure that a suitable written scheme of examination is in place before the system is operated. A competent person should prepare this document, alternatively it can be prepared by another party and then certified by a competent person. Users and owners must not operate pressure systems before a written scheme of examination has been drawn up.

Owners of systems also need to ensure that the system is actually examined in accordance with the written scheme of examination. A competent person must then carry out examinations on all parts of pressure systems included in the written scheme of examination at the intervals specified. An examination may also be required before a pressure system is used for the first time.

To avoid the risk of prosecution and serious financial penalties, businesses must comply with PSSR 2000. Many businesses or facilities do not employ staff with sufficient technical expertise to establish safe operating limits, produce written schemes of examination, or carry out adequate examinations of the system. Regulations also state that the competent person carrying out inspections must give an objective and impartial assessment of the condition of the equipment.

As a competent person, Cambridge Fluid Systems can inspect against an existing scheme. If a scheme does not exist, CFS will provide a suitable written scheme of examination that complies with PSSR 2000 and which reflect the demands on the system. By sourcing everything through Cambridge Fluid Systems, you can rest assured that we consider every detail