Testing Services

Cambridge Fluid Systems offer a diverse range of testing services to suit a variety of needs. Using highly specialised equipment and methods, we provide precise results with a timely engineering turnaround. For more information, or to speak to an engineer, please contact us.

The following test services are available from Cambridge Fluid Systems at our fully-equipped facilities.

Our pressure testing facilities are capable of testing and analysing environments of up to 6000 psi (equivalent to 410 barg). Cambridge Fluid Systems provide safe and effective pressure testing using reliable equipment and trained engineers.

Cambridge Fluid Systems offer hydrostatic testing up to 8700 psi (equivalent to 620 barg). Using industry-standard hydrostatic testing methods, our engineers are able to provide high-accuracy results and effective data every time.

Our vacuum tests use helium mass spectrometry to achieve the highest degree of accuracy and precision. We offer vacuum testing of the highest standard to ensure compliance and uphold strict regulatory standards.

The helium mass spectrometry equipment at our Cambridge facility allows for detection of leaks up to 10-12 mbar l/s.

The oxygen and moisture ppb testing services we offer use industry-standard methods in order to analyse performance and regulatory compliance.

Our particulate testing equipment can detect particles down to 0.1 micron, allowing for detailed readings of trace contaminants.

Cambridge Fluid Systems offer a wide range of electrical tests to suit a variety of purposes. We can perform EMC, continuity & point to point electrical testing within our facilities. In addition to this, we are also able to conduct DC Hi-pot and Earth Bond procedures within a safe, controlled and professional environment.

We can provide strenuous pneumatic testing, including function, leak and point to point procedures. Our trained engineers can provide safe and effective testing in our capable Cambridge facilities.

Our radiography testing facilities offer 24-hour turnaround engineering, providing quick and effective results. The technology at our location can create detailed radiographic readings and produce accurate results.

If you would like more information or to discuss testing options with an engineer, please feel free to contact us.