PLC Controlled Systems

Cambridge Fluid Systems specialises in PLC controlled systems – the safest gas delivery systems on the market.

Gas cabinets or VMB’s fitted with PLC control offer a wide range of options for remote monitoring, system diagnostics and control features. All of these features contribute to providing the safest gas delivery systems currently available.

The main difference from other computers is that PLCs are armoured for severe conditions (such as dust, moisture, heat, cold) and have the facility for extensive input/output (I/O) arrangements. These connect the PLC to sensors and actuators. PLCs read process variables such as temperature and pressure.

PLCs may need to interact with people for the purpose of configuration, alarm reporting or everyday control. This is done via an HMI interface. PLCs have built in communications ports and can communicate over a network to other systems, such as a computer running SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) or web browser.

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