Plastic Piping Solutions

Plastic piping is utilised within industry for transporting variuous fluids depending upon chemical compatibility with the material. Many acids are not suitable for use with stainless steel and plastic materials offer a more cost effective alternative to more exotic materials such as Hasteloy. In some cases, dual containment piping will be utilised when dangerous fluids are in use resulting in increased responsibilities on companies to ensure that hazardous products are handled safely.
CFS has experience working with various materials and welding techniques which are summarised below. We have 9 Georg Fischer certified welders utilising SG 110/125 and BCF-Plus welding machines.
CFS can design and install plastic pipework systems utilising any of these techniques and materials 
  • Polypropylene
  • PVDF
  • PVC-U
  • PVC-C
  • ABS
  • BCF Welding (Bead & Crevice Free)
  • Socket Welding
  • Solvent Welding