Material Types

Cambridge Fluid Systems have extensive experience in several market sectors, covering a vast range of different products and materials.

In addition to our work for gas handling and delivery systems, we serve clients in the pharmaceutical, aerospace and semiconductor industries. 

With practical experience using many materials including mild steel, copper and stainless steel across dozens of sectors, Cambridge Fluid Systems are equipped to handle working to many specifications. We can work with aluminium and other associated alloys, nickel alloy and both unalloyed and low-alloyed carbon steels. We also have the ability to work with high-temperature and corrosion-resistant steels, offering our customers a large selection of possible metals.

Cambridge Fluid Systems does not limit its capabilities to metals but also has extensive experience working with ABS, PVC Polypropylene and PVDF to name just a few of our plastics.

If you need to know more about the material types on offer from Cambridge Fluid Systems, use the link below to get in touch.