De Ionised Water Plant

Tubing is supplied to Cambridge Fluid Systems and marked according to the grade or cleanliness specifications of the purchased part.  Tubing would be prepared in line with our Pipe Preparation and is deionised water cleaned before use to ensure the purity of the tube.

Ultrasonic solvent-based cleaning procedures have been replaced with hot deionised water baths. Deionised water baths are considered the best method to achieve a passive, corrosion resistant and uncontaminated tubing inner surface. At CFS we achieve the best results through electropolishing followed by hot deionised water final cleaning. Our water plant uses reverse osmosis units and deionisation filters to provide ultrapure 18 megohm-cm water (18M).  Our cleaning process uses an aqueous ion-free detergent solution bath at 45°C, followed by two deionised water washes at 25°C. Parts are then dried in a hot nitrogen drier for 10 minutes. Finished assemblies are also washed and dried before shipping.

The facility features rinse baths, each capable of functioning independently. The two discrete units provide Cambridge Fluid Systems with advanced DI water capabilities, allowing multiple projects to be undertaken at the same time. The two baths operate at 25°C for five minutes, alongside a heated wash bath capable of heating water to 45°C.

To prevent contamination after the washing process, our DI water plant uses advanced drying methods to prepare for the next process cycle. The facility offers a nitrogen drying gun for precise and quick water removal and to avoid exposure with any potentially contaminating molecules. We also operate a drying oven, removing all traces of water to prevent any form of corrosion on components or equipment.

For any additional information on our water purification plant and DI water capabilities please contact us using the link below.