CNC Tube Bending

How CNC tube bending can improve your systems

In a world that requires complex fluid systems with secure and safe tubing, getting measurements and bends correct is more vital than ever. With traditional, manual tube bending being time consuming, now is the time to consider CNC bending as the solution.

Our Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) tube bender is capable of manipulating stainless steel and nickel alloy tube into a wealth of shapes.  The CNC machine produces unrivalled quality, precision and continuity; regardless of whether it’s a single piece or a large batch of tube bending.

With its internal software, the CNC provides low set up times and a high level of productivity. Its electronically controlled operation dramatically reduces the time that manual tube bending previously would take fluid management companies. Reversible bend heads allow flexibility for users producing complex bends and allowing opposite bends to occur in a short space of time.

Cambridge Fluid Systems operate and utilise a high end tube bending machine that is linked directly to our 3D design packages.  These generate the required data for calculating tube lengths and, through the use of the simulation program, we are able to quickly check that tubes can be formed to the required shapes and sizes, before having to use any physical inventory – this helps to keep set-up costs to an absolute minimum.  Once inspected and approved, the programs are then ‘locked’ on the system to ensure 100% continuity, accuracy and repeatability of production.

Each tube program is saved under its specific manifold number and is fully revision controlled.  This makes traceability and repeatability a very simple task.

CNC bending machines are suited to a diverse range of industries, making the machine a valuable tool in the manufacturers’ arsenal.  With bent tubes useful in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, fluid, construction, electrical appliances and more. The unlimited possibilities of tube bending mean tubes can be manufactured for almost any purpose and will continue to open up to more industries over time.  The tools are extremely efficient, clean and precise pieces of equipment which make a real difference.

CNC bending machines are a useful solution to your tube bending needs, it’s time to replace your manual equipment and embrace CNC.


Tube Preparation


  •     Stainless Steel
  •     Nickel Alloy

Automatic Tube Bending

  •     Tube Outside diameter – 1/8” (3mm) to ¾” (20 mm)
  •     Length  - 3 metres with multiple bends

Manual Tube Bending

  •     Tube Outside diameter – 1/16” (1.6mm) to ½” (13 mm)
  •     Length  - 6 metres with multiple bends