Cambridge Fluid Systems specialises in sophisticated, fabricated gas and fluid control systems. We are fluid engineering experts with extensive industrial and systems engineering experience.

We retain a number of core competencies at our Cambridge facilities and offer a comprehensive service to our global clients in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, CNG and industrial markets ranging from specification and integrated system design through to gas installation and ongoing gas system maintenance - for gas detection and monitoring systems, gas distribution, gas abatement systems and extraction systems including full commissioning and training as required. 

Our capabilities include:

  • Procurement and supply chain management
  • Industrial Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Software, DFMA, Value added engineering, Concurrent product development, Embedded engineering development)
  • Complex Integration (Automation, Power distribution, Modules, Controls, Ultra high purity gas & liquid delivery, Full functional integrity testing, Electrical, Vision systems)
  • Fabrication (Frames, Sheet metal, Machining, Welding)
  • Analytical Testing (Ground bond, Hi pot, Communications, Mass flow technology test, Particle testing, Helium inert gas leak testing, Life cycle/marathon, Power)
  • Installation (3D modelling and infrastructure layout, liquid & gas installation, exhaust/drainage systems)

CFS can manage the complete facilitation process from basic specification to full qualification and installation start up.

view of somebody in a full body ppe suit with mask and gloves testing equipment for helium leaks in a UHP clearnroom.


Cambridge Fluid Systems offer a diverse range of testing services to suit a variety of needs. Using...

view of a 3d designed compressed natural gas skid unit.


At Cambridge Fluid Systems, we offer a comprehensive design service from P&ID to 3D model...

example of 316l stainless steel that can withstand high temperatures and has corrosion resistant properties.


Cambridge Fluid Systems have extensive experience in several market sectors, covering a vast range...

view of ultra high purity gas manifold


We start your bespoke manufacturing process, whether a single UHP manifold, piece of pipework or an...

view of a CNC tube bender


How CNC tube bending can improve your systems In a world that requires complex fluid systems...

view of a piece of equipment that is used at de ionised water plants


Tubing is supplied to Cambridge Fluid Systems and marked according to the grade or cleanliness...

close up view of a high purity manual tig welded manifold.


Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding is a form of arc welding which uses a tungsten electrode to create...

view of programmable logic controller (PLC) program set up on HMI screen.


Cambridge Fluid Systems specialises in PLC controlled systems – the safest gas delivery...

view of lots of plastic piping that is being used for transporting liquids that are not suitable for use with other materials like stainless steel.


Plastic piping is utilised within industry for transporting variuous fluids depending upon chemical...