Quality Assurance

Leaders in the highest quality fluid control systems

Every process that we follow is documented, traceable and audited, ensuring quality, repeatability and continuity at every stage. We are accredited and audited to ISO9001:2015.

Before we place any purchase orders with new suppliers, we ensure that they are able to provide us with quality, reliable and repeatable products. We have a responsibility to ensure that all of our products and systems meet our customers’ expectations and specifications.

As products are delivered to us, we check them against the corresponding purchase orders to ensure that the correct items, quantities and revisions have been supplied. We inspect every part for any impairments or imperfections that may cause an issue further through the manufacturing process. There are subsequent checks made at every following stage through our kitting and manufacturing processes. These are all defined and signed off with our internal works order route cards, through which we reference any additional drawing information, build instructions or other documents.

Once manifolds and assemblies are complete, they are then passed through for final inspection. Only when these final checks have been made are the parts released for packing and despatch. As part of the quality assurance process, Cambridge Fluid Systems has created ‘inspection checklists’ for all of the repeatable assemblies that we produce. These are ‘step by step’ guides to be followed to ensure that the same quality standards are achieved every single time.

After the completion of our systems, the testing phase of our products is an important part of our inclusive process to test the quality and reliability of our work and systems.

All the sections of pipework are vacuum tested and helium leak tested to ensure the integrity of welds and fittings. Further testing such as pressure drop tests, inboard helium leak tests or outboard helium leak tests and non-destructive X-ray tests are available where specified by the customer. Particle, moisture and oxygen testing can be offered as an additional service.

Integrated units have electrical connections and programme routines checked for wiring integrity and powered functioning. Electrical testing includes earth bonding and DC Hipot test.

Cambridge Fluid Systems has a dedicated Quality Team that oversee and inspect all assemblies before they are approved for packing and despatch. Document packs can be created and tailored to customer specific requests, which are held in hard copy and electronic formats. All ‘project specific’ requirements will be discussed and agreed between all parties at the very outset and will be fully traceable to industry and customer standards. Copies will be provided upon request.